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Breast Cancer poori dunya mein aam hai. Aurton kay cancer mein 25 % khawateen sirf chaati kay cancer (breast cancer) ka shikar hain.
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Breast Cancer - Chaati Ka Cancer

 Issi tarhan baaz auqat ek pistaan (Breast) zyada sensitive hota hai aur doosra kam. Yeh bhi ek normal cheez hai. Baaz larkiyon kay pistaan (Breast) kay nipples kay bahir Areola kay erd gird kuch baal grow ho jatey hain yeh bhi ek normal cheez hai. Iss kay elaj ki zaroorat nahi. Agar chahein to inko aasani sey laser sey remove karaya ja sakta hai.

    Bohut si larkiyan pistaan (Breast) kay tanau sey nijat hasil karney kay liye aur apni personality ko purkashish bananey ka liye bra ka estimal karney lagti hain. Baaz auqat woh tight bra pehenti hain takay tanau sey nijat hasil ho sakey. Magar yeh tareeqa sahi nahi kyun kay tight bra sey pistaan (Breast) ki growth ruk jati hai. Baaz larkiyan bohut loose bra use karti hain woh bhi sahi nahi, Iss sey pistaan (Breast) latak jatey hain. Lehaza bra na bohut zyada tight ho aur na hi bohut loose. Bul kay pistaan (Breast) kay size kay mutabiq ho. (Dastoor: Kawal Dheer)

Breast Cancer: (Chaati Ka Cancer) 

    Breast cancer (Chaati ka cancer) puri duniya mein aam hai. Aurton kay cancer mein 25% khawateen sirf Breast cancer ka shikar hain. America mein 10% khawateen iss marz mein mubtila hain. Wahan har year 41000 khawateen iss beemari sey marti hain. Hamarey yahan yeh beemari nisbatan kam hai. Yeh beemari 40 ta 60 years ki age mein khawateen ko hoti hai. Agar kisi aurat ki dadi, nani, mother ya sister ko yeh beemari thee to aisi aurat ko iss beemari ka zyada khatra hota hai. 

Breast Cancer - Chaati Ka Cancer
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