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Breast Size (Pistaan kay size) ka aurat ki jinsiyat kay sath koi taalluq nahin. Chotey pistaan wali aurat barey pistaan wali sey jinsi tor per zyada purjosh ha sakti hai.
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Breast Size - Pistaan Ka Size

 Phir ek ek nipple ko thumb aur finger mein pakar kay dabaein aur dekhein kay kahin khoon ya pus waghaera to nahi nikla. Nikley to foran doctor sey contact karein.  

    Ab bister per laet jaein. Right shoulder kay neechey pillow rakhein. Right hand ko sar kay neechey rakhein aur left hand sey apna right pistaan (Breast) ahista ahista dabaein aur check karein. Pistaan (Breast) kay har part ko daba kar check karein kay koi swelling ya lumps to nahi. Check kartey waqt pistaan (Breast) ki koi jagah na chorein. Phir issi tarhan left pistaan (Breast) ko check karein. Ab pillow ko left shoulder kay neechey rakhein aur left hand ko sar kay neechey aur right hand sey pehley ki tarhan tafseel kay sath left pistaan (Breast) ko check karein. Swelling ya lump ki soorat mein foran doctor sey contact karein. Baaz auqat lumps khatarnak nahi hotey. Har bar apna examination karney kay baad aap ko khushi hogi kay aap bilkul theek hain.

Barey Pistaan (Breast) Wali Khawateen Jinsi Tor Per Zyada Purjosh Hoti Hain?

    Khayal kara jata hai kay big size pistaan (Breast) wali aurat zyada jinsi jazbat rakhti hai aur woh sexually zyada active hoti hai. Jab kay small pistaan (Breast) wali aurtein sex kay muamley mein zyada active nahi hotiin. Research sey sabit ho chuka hai kay pistaan (Breast) kay size ka aurat ki sexuality kay sath koi ta'alluq nahi. Small pistaan (Breast) wali aurat sexually zyada active ho sakti hai jab kay big size pistaan (Breast) wali aurat bilkul thandi.

Breast Size - Pistaan Ka Size
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