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Foreplay - Vagina

 Faraj ko chaertey huai iss kay baerooni lub ko piyar sey thapthapaeyn, gosht ko ahista ahista dabain, faraj ko pa'on kay angoothey sey mushta'el karna aurat ko bey hud pasand hai. Naakhun cut huai honay chahiyiein. Faraj ko mushta'el karney kay liye biwi bed per leti ho aur aap uskay pehloo mein dae'in (right) ki taraf beth jaeyn. Bae'in (left) hatheli ko isskay baerooni lub per rakhain. Darmiyani finger lips kay darmiyan ho. Chikni finger ki tip faraj kay ander ho. Ab aik redham kay saath lips ko dabai yeh bhichain. Iss kay saath hi finger faraj kay ander bahir harkat karey.


    Finger aram sey faraj kay ander dakhil kareyn aur faraj kay upper aur neechey wali dewar ko chuai aur cherain. Dewaron kay elawa isski bae'in (left) dae'in (right) sides ko mushta'el karey. Bohut si aurton ki faraj ki sides bohut hassas hoti hain. Biwi ki faraj kay lips ko aik hath sey achi tarhan kholeyn phir choti yeh shahadat wali finger sey bazer (clitoris) ko mushta'el karey jab kay angoothey faraj kay adner bahir harkat karey. Finger aur angoothey naa sirf chiknay hun bul kay inkay nayl bhi cut hun. Aurat kay liye yeh bohut pur lutf hai khusoosan woh aurat jo dakhool sey orgasm hasil larleti hai.


    Ek aur pur lutf tariqa yeh hai kay faraj kay munh ko ek hath sey kholein aur doosrey hath ki sari fingers sey faraj kay dahaney ko mushta'el kareyn. Kuch der baad do fingers ko faraj kay zara zyada ander ley jaein aur G spot ko mushta'el karein. Iss kay liye faraj kay ooper wali dewar mein shahadat aur saath wali finger ki madad sey G spot ko daba kar musalsal rub karey

Foreplay - Vagina
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