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Orgasm ya sexual climax jinsi lutf ki inteha ko kaha jata hai. Mard aur aurat kay orgasm mein farq hai.
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Orgasm - Sexual Climax - Sexual Pleasure - Jinsi Lutf Ki Inteha

Orgasm (inteha e lazzat)


    Inteha e lazzat ko orgasm kaha jata hai. Research kay mutabiq aam mard " 2-3 minute mein orgasm hasil kar leyta hai. Kinsey ki report kay mutabiq mard amooman 18-19 saal ki umar mein ziyada orgasm hasil kartey hain. Taqreeban har mard orgasm hasil karney kay saath discharge bhi hota hai yani mani (semen) kharij karta hai jis mein sperms hotey hain. En sperms sey bachey paida hotey hain kuch mard discharge kay baad orgasm hasil kartey hain aur kuch baghaer orgasm kay discharge hojaatey hain. Aur baaz mard discharge kay baghaer bhi orgasm hasil karleytai hain. Amooman aik mubashrat (intercourse)  mein aik hi orgasm hasil karta hai. Aik research sey maloom hua kay baaz mard bhi aik sey ziyada orgasm hasil kar saktia hain. Isi research mein aik fard nay 16 orgasm hasil karney ka dawa kiya. Mard taqreeban hamesha orgasm kay sath discharge bhi hotey hain. Baaz mard thorai waqt mein kay bar discharge hojatey hain. Kinsey ki report kay mutabiq aik mard 10 mint mein 3 time discharge hua. Iss tarhan aik mard nay experimental place mein 36 min mein 6 time discharge aur orgasm (sexual climax) hasil kiya. Monkey 3 hours mein 45 time discharge hojaatey hain.


    Mard aur aurat kay orgasm kay hasool mein farq hai. Mard ko orgasm kay qareeb mazeed jinsi stimulation ki zaroorat nahi hoti jab kay aurat ko akhri waqt tak stimulation ki zaroorat hoti hai. Agar orgasm kay qareeb stimulation ko rok diya jaey to aurat orgasm (sexual climax) hasil naa kar sakay gi.

Orgasm - Sexual Climax - Sexual Pleasure - Jinsi Lutf Ki Inteha
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