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Sex Play Ideas For Men
  1. Foreplay kay doran biwi khawand kay akrrey huey zakar ko apney donon haathon sey pakrein ek mutthi neechey aur doosri oopeer phir donon mutthiyon ko ek doosrey ki mukhalif sumt mein marorein, bul dein pehley khushk hath sey ba'ad mein chikney hath sey khawand iss sey bohut lutf andoz hoga.
  2. Mian pusht kay bul laet jaey biwi uss kay pehlu mein beth kar mian kay akrey zakar ko apney chikney daei'n haath sey topi kay neechey sey pakrein aur baya'n hath khusyon kay neechey ho ab ek rhythm kay sath daein hath ko ooper sey neechey ko laein aur baein hath ko neechey sey ooper ko pehley 10 baar karein, khawand iss sey bohut lutf uthaey ga.
  3. Khawand kamar kay bul bister per laet jaey biwi uss kay pehlu mein bethey aur chikney hath sey akrey huey zakar ko bilkul neechey sey pakrey aur daae'in chikney hath sey khushyon ko bilkul ooper sey pakrey ab bae'in hath ko ooper le jaey jab kay daae'in hath ko neechey laey. Ooper wali mushq ki tarah pehli baar 10 baar aur aakhri baar ek baar ki jaey yeh mushq pehli mushq kay bilkul ulat hai aur khawand kay liye bohut lutf angaez hai.
  4. Biwi mian kay akrey zakar ko topi kay bilkul neechey sey chikney daae'in hath sey pakrey, doosrey chikney hath ka cup bana kar zakar ki topi kay ooper rakhey phir usey 10 baar daein sey baein aur 10 bar bae'in sey dae'in ghumey khawand kay liye bohut pur lutf hai.

Sex Play Ideas For Men
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