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Islamic Method Of Intercourse  

There is a misconception about the missionary method of intercourse that it is the islamic method of intercourse. There is no particular method of intercourse which is called islamic method. The only restriction in islam is not to do sex activity in anus.

Islamic Method Of Intercourse

Islamic Method Of Intercourse

The Islamic Way Of Intercourse:

There are a lot of ways to do intercourse even hundreds of ways have been identified till so far. The most famous method is the Missionary Method. In this method, husband rides over wife, although in this method the penetration is easier, however; penis doesn’t touch the clitoris therefore; a woman don’t get enough pleasure by this way. This method is also much better for premature ejaculation. In our culture this method is used most frequently. Many people consider this method Islamic way on the basis of ill-literacy, and due to this reason many of the women don’t allow their husband to adopt any other way of intercourse. However; Allah’s Apostle never declared any method Islamic. For more pleasure of women, wife on top over husband method is much better. During this, a woman can rub her clitoris according to her will and this is also beneficial for premature ejaculation as well. in the early era, there had not been certain other methods of intercourse beside Missionary method. Hazrat Jabir R.A described that according to the Jews, if a man performs intercourse from back of his wife then a deaf child could be born. Therefore; “Your women are tillage for you; so go to your tillage as you will, and forward for yourselves; and fear God and know that you shall be meeting Him” (Al-Baqara 223), means if any body wants he may even perform intercourse from the back side provided that it must be done in vagina only (Muslim). Due to the influence of Jews, the dwellers of Madina had not been practicing any other method of intercourse beside Missionary and they had not been considering other methods lawful. At last  a verse is descendent in Quran as above. However; anal intercourse is strictly prohibited.

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