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Effective Foreplay  

The vagina of a woman gets wet in about 10 to 30 seconds in an effective foreplay. If this wetness doesnot appear then she doesnot mentally and physically ready for sexual activity. Sometimes vagina doesnot wet after an effective foreplay because of the side effects of birth control pills.

Effective Foreplay

Effective Foreplay

  • During effective foreplay the vagina of a woman gets wet with in 10-30 seconds. The concupiscence of man and wetness of woman are the same things. If woman's vagina does not get wet then she would not be ready for intercourse physically and psychologically. She needs further more foreplay in that instance. A man can check the presence of wetness in the vagina by the help of a finger. Some times vagina does not get wet even after prolonged foreplay and the woman does not ready and prepared for intercourse. Along with it 20% woman have wetness problem, means these women get prepared for intercourse with out this wetness. This problem is usually present in those women who have recently given birth to a baby, those who feed their baby with breast milk, old age women who have attained menopause (whose menstrual period have ceased) etc. Is this instance, a good lubricant (cold cream, olive oil etc) could be used. The presence of wetness in vagina is the sign that the woman has got prepared her self for up coming intercourse. In some of the women, wetness in vagina is present priorly, however; one can also see the erection of clitoris when she gets prepared
  • Always keep in view the likes and dislikes of wife during foreplay. Ask priorly from the wife that what she likes to get in the foreplay
  • Similarly if she likes a particular type of stimulation then don't change the style promptly and continue that one


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