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Female Orgasm  

Women have many roots for getting orgasm like clitoris, G spot, upper part of vagina, moons area, labias, breasts etc. Women get oragasm by stimulation of these parts. Some women get orgasm just by sexual thoughts. Women enjoy penetration but for getting orgasm they need direct or indirect stimulation of clitoris, G spot or vagina. Some researches tell that women get more pleasure through clitoral stimulation.

Female Orgasm

Female Orgasm

Usually there are seven roots via which female can attain orgasm. For instance; clitoris, G-Spot, outer part of vagina, pelvis (Moon's area), sexual lips and breasts. Most women attain orgasm via imaginations. 1% obtains via breast's stimulation, however; most of them attain via stimulation of clitoris, G-Spot and vagina.

According to Master and Johnson, all women attain orgasm via direct or indirect stimulation of clitoris, however; other experts are of the view that 80% women obtain via clitoral stimulation and the remaining get via G-Spot and vaginal stimulation. Although they get much pleasure via penetration, however; it would give them orgasm less often. There are although certain women who attain via deep penetration and strokes.

Question arises that which orgasm gives woman stonking pleasure. Usually men get much pleasure in first orgasm while women get in either second or third. According to the height's report; most women get much pleasure via clitoral stimulation, means most women get much pleasure and orgasm via clitoral stimulation with hands rather than by penetration. Other experts think that for women, clitoral orgasm and orgasm via intercourse are equivalent in intensity. Although if one is consider better than the other, it would be nothing except clitoral stimulation.

All experts are agreed that during intercourse for getting orgasm, clitoris of woman should be stimulated in order to provide her orgasm. Since 80% of women attain orgasm via this technique. Those women who attain orgasm via penetration also like to have clitoral stimulation as well. As during usual circumstances, it is difficult for penis to touch the clitoris, therefore; it is inevitable to stimulate the clitoris via finger.


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