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First Wedding Night  
First Wedding Night

First Wedding Night

On first night, hospitality, darlingness and sweet heartiness of wife is required. The Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH has offered a glass of milk to Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqua R.A. on wedding night (Ahmed). Usually girls left their houses and enter in a new place and environment. She develops, panic, palpitations, and nervousness. She is more concerned regarding her husband and his house members. In that instance, she needs utmost darlingness. It is much better if both of them performs optional prayer (Two rakaat Nafil) and pray for successful and peaceful life. A man becomes satisfied with it, and it would give full erection and prevent early ejaculation. However; if any one is scared of having premature ejaculation, then sexologists suggest that he should perform masturbation two hours prior to intercourse. This will give physical contentment and he would not get early ejaculation.

In our society, doing intercourse is considered mandatory on wedding night and it is thought that Valima can not be held with out intercourse priorly done. There is no reality in it according to Quran and Sunnah. Nikkah happens too late in the night that it passes 2 and a 1/2Oclock when bride arrives at home. Along with tiredness both of them develops, panic, palpitations and hesitations; especially when both of them are un-familiar with each other. Groom is scared that he might be unsuccessful during intercourse, where as bride is scared of having pain. Due to this anxiety, bride's vaginal opening becomes more constricted and closed and vaginal lubrication decreases. The disadvantage of this is that groom would find difficulty, and the bride feels pain while penetration and intercourse. Groom also thinks that if he would not proceeds for intercourse then perhaps bride would think that he is not able to do it ( In actual, women don't think like that). In youth, every man is normal physically and able to perform sexual act. However; due to pain and anxiety, some times he don't get erection or either erection ends at the time of penetration. This is actually a normal phenomenon, since panic, tension and anxiety are the enemy of erection. Keeping this thing in mind, intercourse on wedding night should be avoided. In common with, first intercourse would be painful for both husband and wife and this pain increases in tiredness and tension.

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