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How To Satisfy A Woman Every Time  
How To Satisfy A Woman Every Time

How To Satisfy A Woman Every Time

  1. A female psychologist has written an interesting book named, "How to satisfy a woman every time". She thinks that women can get orgasm every time if the man knows how to do it. Then she described following method.

Before commencing intercourse for 5-10 minutes the body of the woman at different sites should be touched very softly, especially, legs, arms, back and tummy etc. However; nipples should not be touched directly and the area surrounding the nipples could be touched first. Then the wife should lie on bed standing the knees up. Husband then sits in between her legs. He holds his penis at the glans and then rubs it with the clitoris bit by bit. He should do it several minutes but does not enter his penis inside until she attains climax and asks her husband to penetrate. With the repeated requisitions, husband penetrates just half an inch of penis inside and then withdraws it slowly. He should do it several times. Due to this activity, her sexual emotions would blow up. Then he should enter 1 inch of penis inside and then again withdraws it. He should repeat it several times. Then he penetrates more bit by bit and then takes it out making her desires blown up further. Husband should not penetrate full penis rather make the penetration bit by bit further until she starts quaking with her sexual emotions at extreme. Husband should continue entering and withdrawing until further deep penetration would not be possible. Finally when she attains orgasms, husband should penetrate deep insider his full penis. If this entering and withdrawing would continue then she would attain more than one orgasm.


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