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Husband Should Know The Sex Desires Of Wife  

Husband should be caring and have best relations with wife. Husband should understand the needs of wife and how to fulfill them. Long foreplay mostly helps woman in achieving orgasm.

Husband Should Know The Sex Desires Of Wife

Husband Should Know The Sex Desires Of Wife

  1. Husband should be loving and caring for her wife. The relationship with wife should be pleasant. Wife should be relaxed and tension free. Husband should understand the needs and body of hid wife. Husband should know how to stimulate the sex desires of wife, so that she can attain orgasm. In order to get orgasm, most women need different types of stimulations, therefore, ask from her that which part of her would be stimulated in which manner that would make easier for her to attain orgasm. Usually women know that in order to attain orgasm, which type and where, the stimulation is required. In this context, exercise of knowing wife's body could also be fruitful.
  2. Before intercourse, at least 30 minutes should be dedicated fro foreplay. In the last of the foreplay, stimulate the most sensitive parts of wife including clitoris, inner lips and vagina etc according to her will till she reach to orgasm. At that time wife gives indication for penetration. After penetration, fast stroking will give her orgasm.
  3. Those women, whose husbands stimulate clitoris more, get orgasm definitely and always. Therefore, after penetration, stimulate clitoris according to the will of wife. When she reach near to orgasm, then upon her indication, while continuing clitoral stimulation give her fast strokes.
  4. Most women after penetration attain orgasm by sucking of breast nipples, compression of the nipples by husband and via clitoral stimulation. Husband should try this technique.


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