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Intercourse After Rupture Of Hymen  
Intercourse After Rupture Of Hymen

Intercourse After Rupture Of Hymen

After bleeding stops, make penis slippery and penetrate inside the vagina as according to Missionary method No 1. Penetrate bit by bit and give her gentle jerks. Along with stroking stimulation of clitoris with one finger and breasts with the hand should be done. For almost 80% women, clitoral stimulation is mandatory in order to give them orgasm. Stop near to ejaculation and start to take deep breaths from tummy. When the period of ejaculation will be over then repeat the process again. Get discharged after repeating the process for 2-4 times. If woman gets much pain and deep wound due to the rupture of hymen, then postpone the intercourse for couple of days till the wound will be healed. If wife co-operates during intercourse and leaves her body relaxed then she would not get much pain at first time. Don't forget to recite the pray before intercourse. After penetration, balneation becomes due on both husband and wife, no matter ejaculation happens or not.

During initial phase of marriage, sexual excitement and emotions remain at extreme and an individual uses to do intercourse repeatedly. If any one want to do second intercourse consecutively then it is better to clean the penis with water. Abdest is pre-eminent (Muslim). Perform Abdest before any new intercourse, either or, wash penis with water. All of these things are evident from the life history of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH. If any body want to sleep after intercourse, then it is better to perform Abdest after washing penis with water (Mauta Imam Malik). Arenation could also be done (Baheeqi) or at least wash the penis before going for sleep (Muslim).


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