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Kissing Is The First Step For Foreplay  
Kissing Is The First Step For Foreplay

Kissing Is The First Step For Foreplay

Foreplay: Kissing is the first step

  • The kissing and bussing between husband and wife does not lead to the breakage of Abdest and fasting. Hazrat Ayesha R.A. narrated that Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH has bussed her but did not performed Abdest after that (Abu Dawood). In the second Hadith, Hazrat Ayesha R.A. has said that Holy Prophet PBUH used to do kissing and bussing with their wives during fasting. He adjoined his body with his wives (Bukhari, Muslims). 
  • Start foreplay with talks of love and admire her body and beauty. Explore her body along with her cloths. In the mean while, perform different experiments. Twiddle hand over her body, cuddle and hug her. Lie with her, cling with her, compress her, twiddle hand over different parts of her body with love, rub body with her body, stimulate her with in her cloths, dab her, pinch, tickle her, take nip especially at the back side of her neck. Twiddle hands over buttocks, inner thighs, rub there, tickle her, massage there, pat and chafe there. Play with her hairs, comb her hairs with fingers. Women like all of these very much. Change style, every time during this, however; don't bosh the more sensitive organs like breasts and vagina etc. 


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