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Mostly Females Like Kissing  
  Mostly women like kissing. Spend sometime on kissing during foreplay.  
Mostly Females Like Kissing

Mostly Females Like Kissing

Most women like kissing. Spend some time over it. Kiss and buss over front and back of her neck, chew with lips, twiddle tongue over there and lick there. Kiss at the ear lobes, lick and bite them. During sexual stimulation, blood circulation increases at these sites. Kiss the neck beneath ear lobes, bite, lick, suck and twiddle the tongue there. Hold her face and pull up, then kiss over chin. From chin up to collar bone the area is much sensitive. Twiddle tongue over this area and lick there. Kiss over eye balls and brow. Twiddle tongue and lick her cheeks. Move forward bit by bit.  Don't enter the tongue directly in to her mouth. Start kissing here and there first. Kiss on her lips, twiddle tongue over there and then take her lips in to the own lips. Lick them, chew and bite them bit by bit. Now enter the tongue into her mouth, lick her tongue and vice versa. Women like to have licking of her fingers, toes, palms, soles etc. She gets immense pleasure from these activities.


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