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Orgasm Of Husband And Wife  

Latest research shows that there is no reality in the misconception that man and woman must have orgasm together for more sexual pleasure. If woman gets orgasm before man then it is more pleasurable for her. Woman never gets orgasm every time. Woman mostly gets orgasm after the age of 30. Most of the women get orgasm  by direct stimulation of clitoris.

Orgasm Of Husband And Wife

Orgasm Of Husband And Wife

It is usually think that for more satisfaction and pleasure it is required that husband and wife should get orgasm simultaneously, however; latest research revealed that there is no reality in this hypothesis. It is revealed that those women who attain orgasm prior to men get much pleasure as compared to women who attain orgasm after husband. The way of getting orgasm could be different, either they get orgasm via intercourse or via other sexual stimulation like fingering etc. 90% of pressure and tension of man relieved if wife gets orgasm prior to him and hence he would get more pleasure from sex. Although most men get immense pleasure at orgasm, however; there are certain individuals whose orgasm does not give them pleasure up to the mark. Any individual can make his orgasm much pleasurable by doing two week kegal exercise (its discussing is coming forth).

As far as women are concerned, they don't obtain orgasm every time. According to an American survey, 30% women obtain orgasm always, 10% never get orgasm and the remaining women obtain on and off. According to a European research, 38% women always attain orgasm, while further 33-50% attain more often. Women attain more orgasm usually after the age of 30 years. According to Kinsey's data, more than 50% women attain orgasm in more than 90% occasions. Out of 100% women who attain orgasm, 98% obtain via direct clitoral stimulation.  According to experts, if woman is physically fit then she definitely attains orgasm, however; some women need to have learning how to attain it. According to Kinsey's survey, 30% women don't attain orgasm during first year of her marriage. Most women don't get orgasm at first time.


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