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Sex And Old Age  

If a man is physically and mentally healthy then he is able of sexual activity till death. Ejaculation is not needed in old age. Some people thought that a person is not able to do sex in old age, so they leave all the sexual activities themselves. The reality is that like young age people, aged persons also need sexual activity. Orgasm is useful for the health of woman.

Sex And Old Age

Chapter 6

Sex And Old Age

One saying of herb-doctors is perfectly true that man gets never be older. If a man is fit and healthy with respect of his physical and mental well being then he can continue intercourse till the last breath of his life. According to a research, 37% old people use to do intercourse once per week after the age of 60 years. Ejaculation is not necessary during the intercourse at old age. According to Master and Johnson, during the age of 60-70 years, 25-30% of old people definitely use to perform intercourse at least once in a week. According to a survey, during the ages of 50-80 years, majority of women and almost all men possess interest in doing intercourse and sex. In a research it was evaluated that how many people possess interest in sex during the age of 80-102 years. It has been estimated that 30% women and 62% men use to do intercourse even in that ages. Although due to some diseases like joint pain, chronic pain, Diabetes Mellitus, heart diseases, incontinence of urine and heart attack etc, there could be some hindrances in doing sex. With repeated surveys it is extracted that old age people use to do much enjoyment at old age during sex and intercourse then even before. Since they possess more control over ejaculation.

Unfortunately the thoughts of the people in our society in very much negative about the sexual activities of old age people. The sexual activities of 70 yrs old man are considered much indecent and masturbation is considered a much bad habit. Usually people think that man becomes unable for sex during old age. Many old people suspend their sexual activities due to this wrong concept revolving in the society. In practical due to withdrawal from sexual habits, they become unable to perform sex later on. Any thing becomes useless if not used for long time. "Use it or lose it". However; it is fact that like young people old age people also needs sex. Orgasm is beneficial for women health. If both husband and wife are healthy then they can continue sexual activity till the end of life.


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