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Sex During Pregnancy  

It is safe of doing sexual activity in the first six months of pregnancy, but it is better to avoid it in last month. Woman\'s sexual response become 50% less after delivery. The sexual desire of woman becomes normal in about 3 to 4 weeks after deliver the child.

Sex During Pregnancy

Sex During Pregnancy

During the initial six months intercourse could be done like usual way and with the same frequency. Although should be avoided in the last month of pregnancy. During this time, wife can provide the sexual satisfaction to the husband via alternative manners. During intercourse especially in the last months Missionary method should be avoided (Wife below the husband). Although this method can be used during the initial months. During pregnancy, the best position is side by side. Also forward backward, and wife on the top methods could be the better option. During last days of pregnancy, membranes could be ruptured earlier if Missionary method is used and the preterm delivery could be happened.

After delivery, the 50% response of the women is lost but just after three weeks she becomes normal. As already mentioned that according to the Master and Johnson the intercourse could be done after three weeks, however; if she is bleeding and operation has been done then intercourse should be postponed till the bleeding stops and the wound would be healed completely.


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