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Achieving Orgasm | Having Climax Of Sexual Pleasure  

Some women could not get orgasm because of the lack of sex education of their husbands. Most of the men do not know that how could they help their wives in getting orgasm.  20 to 30 minutes foreplay  is essential for female orgasm.  Some women get frigidity because of this sexual discomfort. The basic need of having orgasm is regular sexual activity.

Achieving Orgasm | Having Climax Of Sexual Pleasure

Achieving Orgasm | Having Climax Of Sexual Pleasure

Most women don't attain orgasm since their husbands are unaware how to help them in attaining orgasm. Most man don't know that opposite is true for women that unlike men they need to have 20-30 minutes foreplay in order to get orgasm and continuous stimulation even after penetration and intercourse. Due to unawareness, large numbers of women remain devoid of having orgasm. When these women don't get orgasm for long time then they lose interest in sexual activities. Some women develop frigidity due to this un-satisfaction and they try to avoid sex. On the other side, when husband doesn't get sexual activities according to the needs then house's environment becomes these and in extreme cases this results in divorce.  

With the following methods, wives can be satisfied sexually more often.

  1. In order to get orgasm, it is necessary to perform regular sex. Experts think that 1-2 times with in a week it should be performed at least. With in two consecutive intercourses the greater the gap would be there, greater the time would be required then to arouse a woman. Therefore possibility of orgasm decreases accordingly.

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