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Signs Of Female Orgasm  

Usually woman needs more time than man and continous stimulation for orgasm. During sexual activity she needs 8 to 10 minutes of fast strokes after penetration. This is not possible for anyone. So it is must to stimulate clitoris by finger. The time of getting orgasm is different in all women. The signs of orgasm are also different because of individual differences.

Signs Of Female Orgasm

Signs Of Female Orgasm

Usually women need for orgasm as compared to men 4 times much duration and continuous stimulation. During intercourse after penetration, women need continuous strokes 8-10 minutes. In usual, no body can make continuous strokes up to this time duration, therefore, more often, man has to stimulate clitoris with slippery finger. By stimulating clitoris with slippery finger; woman usually get orgasm with in 4-5 minutes. Near to orgasm, the clitoris disappears after shrinking suddenly and therefore husband should continue this stimulation till the woman attains orgasm. Some women get orgasm even earlier than that while other obtains in one to two hours. Means every woman differs in time required and style to attain orgasm.

Most women are aware of their orgasm, however; there are certain women who don't get sense of having orgasm by them. At the time when she attains orgasm, there have been certain changes happen inside her body. Most of the body muscles become rigid, especially the muscles of her legs. Her body starts to quake, her heart beat and respiratory rate increases and she starts to take deep breaths. Women's vaginal walls contract involuntarily 5-8 times every eight seconds. It seems that vagina compressing the penis regularly and intermittently. Clitoris gets loosen. Signs differ from one woman to another. Some women let their body loosen, close their eyes, they compress their below navel area with the pubic hair's area of husband. They get excessive sweats and start to bit the skin of the husband and prevent husband to withdraw his penis out and keeping away from her.

The facial expressions of woman at the time of orgasm are like that she is in pain. She gets contraction in her body muscles including arms and legs and feels strain in her hands. At this time, some women compress their husbands with their arms. They get extremity in their emotions and they lose control over body movements. The nipples get erected distinguishingly. After orgasm is over, her body muscles get relaxed. Some women don't do these things at the time of orgasm. Some women get silent and static just before orgasm like they are listening some sound.


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