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Standing Sex Position  
Standing Sex Position

Standing Sex Position

  1. Wife lying at the edge of table, keeping head facing upward. Husband then stands in between the legs of wife in such a way that her legs tilts at the knees and feet are kept on husband's shoulder. During penetration, husband can fondle her chest and tummy and make her stimulated. Similarly both of them can stimulate clitoris which is utmost important for female orgasm.
  2. Husband stands firmly on floor and wife holds the husband from front. Wife then encircles the legs around husband. This is a good method to stimulate G-Spot. Since in this method, the complete weight is borne by the husband, therefore; it is required that husband's health must be good.

 Some writers have declared this method unjustifiably injurious to health by taking reference from the Tibb-e-Nabawi (Sallalaho Alehe Wassallum). For instance, man becomes weak and may get nerve's problem like tumors by doing intercourse in standing posture. It has not been proved by latest research and it does not possess any reality.

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