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Stimulating Husband  

There are two major purpose of marriage one is to have children and other is to have sexual pleasure. Most of the time the purpose is sexual pleasure. If woman is not able to do intercourse because of menses or some other reasons then there are some other methods of have sexual pleasure rather than intercourse.

Stimulating Husband

Stimulating Husband

In common with, there are two main purposes of doing marriage. One is the survival of human beings and its generations and second is to take sexual satisfaction. Most of the time the purpose of sexual contact is not to get offspring, however; to obtain pleasure and satisfaction. For that intercourse is not mandatory. The sexual satisfaction can be obtained via different other methods. These methods can also be applied in usual conditions after the pregnancy and birth of child. For instance wife due to some reasons don't want to take bath. Few of these methods are described below:

  • Men like to have stimulation of his genitals like penis and testes, but the women due to unawareness get afraid or embarrassed to touch them that whether the husband would not get hurt. Due the stimulation of these senses he gets much pleasure and gets orgasm via ejaculation.

  • Wife stimulates the penis of the husband and touches each and every part. Fondle it, clap it, massage it etc. if full penis can come in the hand, then compression of it is very much liked by husband. If the penis of your husband is thick and long then hold it with both hands and then compress it. Fondle the fingers from the root of the penis till the glans. Fondle the fingers over it in the swirl fashion. Fondle the fingers on the left and right side of the penis and move your fingers down. Bosh the testicles inside the scrotum. Stimulate them gently. Hold them and fondle hand over them. Put the fingers beneath them and lift them up but never compress them since it will give pain to the husband.
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