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Stimulation Of Vagina  
Stimulation Of Vagina

Stimulation Of Vagina

While stimulating vagina, clap the outer lips with love. Compress the flesh slightly; women like very much to have stimulation of vagina with big toe. Nails should be cut off. In order to have vaginal stimulation the wife should lie on the bed. Husband should sit beside her on the left side. He put his right palm over the outer lips in such a way that the middle finger should be in between the lip. Tip of slippery finger should be inside the vagina. Now he compress the lips with a particular rhythm. In the mean while move the finger in and out of the vagina.

Insert slippery finger with out long nails in side the vagina and touch the upper and lower wall of the vagina. Stimulate the entire wall. Many women have sensitive sides of their vaginal walls. Open the lips of vagina with one hand and stimulate the clitoris with the index or small finger of the other hand. Mean while the thumb should move in and out of the vagina. Not only the finger and thumb must be oily or slippery but also, devoid of long nails. All this is very interesting for women. Especially for those who get orgasm via penetration.

Another pleasant way is to open the vagina with one hand and stimulate the opening of vagina with all the fingers of second hand. Insert them two fingers inside the vagina and then stimulate G-Spot. In order to do it compress the spot on the upper wall of vagina with index and ring finger and rub it there continuously. It is pea sized present 1.5 inches inside the vagina that gets swollen on stimulation. Continuous stimulation of G-Spot gives immense orgasm to a woman. In order to stimulate it, insert one or two fingers inside the vagina gently in such a way that the palm faces upward. Tilt the fingers slightly and then rub the upper wall to and fro.

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