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Brain is the most sensitive part of human body, so the experts says that 90% of sex is in the brain. It means that with sexual stimulation, it is must to stimulates the mind. Appreciate the beauty of your wife during foreplay.

Tips For Husband For Foreplay

Tips For Husband For Foreplay

  • During foreplay attention of husband should be on making his wife pleased. When she gets pleasure, she will please her husband as well
  • Brain is the most sensitive part of the human body. Therefore sexologists are of the opinion that 90% of sex is present in our brain or mind. It means along with love talks and sexual stimulation, husband should stimulate her brain as well. For instance, during foreplay, while stimulating any organ, husband should also admire and praise that part of the body that has been stimulated by him at the time. For example, I love your breasts, they are so soft like silk, and your lips are so beautiful. I like your legs. Your eyes are beautiful. I like to do sex with you. I am lover of your whole body etc.
  • Man arouses sexually earlier by nature. Now in order to arouse his wife, he has to control himself. Don't put off trouser during foreplay in order to escape from ejaculation. Try to avoid the touching on penis and testis by wife. If still husband is scared of premature ejaculation then he hold his penis beneath the glans and then off and on compress from there tightly. He will then lose the desire of ejaculation, however; there would also be some decline in the erection but nothing to worry about it. This is an effective technique to escape from ejaculation. 
  • During foreplay husband should pay more attention towards mouth, breasts, buttocks and clitoris of his wife.


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