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Female Erogeous Zones | G Spot  

G spot is the sexually most sensitive part of females after clitoris. A german doctor Earnest Grafenberg discovered it. Its shape like kidney bean. Woman got great orgasm by the stimulation of G spot. The size and place of G spot is different because of individual differences. About 54 % women discharge water by orgasm of G spot.

Female Erogeous Zones | G Spot

Female Erogeous Zones | G Spot

The second most sensitive part of woman after clitoris is G spot. This spot was discovered by a German doctor, named Earnest Grafen Berg, therefore; this spot has given its name related to its discoverer. It is situated on the upper wall of the vagina, 1-2 inches inside, if woman lies down facing up ward. Its stimulation gives high level of orgasm which is different from the orgasm obtained by self-satisfaction, masturbation and penetration or intercourse. It is just like a bean, however; by rubbing and friction its size becomes double. Every woman has different size of it and its place and situation. Its stimulation gives jerks to woman. When it is stimulated it swells up and the woman gets desire to pass the urine. Therefore, it is advisable that the woman urinates prior to stimulation or intercourse. If it's stimulation continuous for 2-20 minutes then the woman starts to get sexual pleasure. 54% of woman secretes water on G spot stimulation and 14% always discharge. In a survey, 80% women declared G spot, the most sensitive site of sexual stimulation.

In another survey, 66% women told that they are well aware of G spot. Here in our society, 99% of people are un-aware about G spot. Dr. Davidson and his companions think that every woman possesses G spot and able to discharge, however; the discharge happens after two to three orgasms. Remember, a woman can get more than one orgasm in a single occasion. In order to reach at G spot via penis during intercourse, Doggy style (intercourse into vagina from back side), is much better. However; some women can rub their husband's penis on their G spot by themselves.

 In order to find G spot, a woman should enter her two fingers inside the vagina in lying posture facing up. G spot would be situated between 11 and1oClock positions (At Top) considering navel at 12oClock position. Now slide the finger on it, it will swell up. After sometimes she can get pleasure. If she continues to rub then she may get more than one orgasm and discharge.

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