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Female Erogenous Zones | Sexually Sensitive Parts Of Woman  

The whole body of man and woman is sensitive sexually but some of the parts are more sensitive. Clitoris is the most sensitive part of woman sexually. Clitoris is at where the labia minora ends. There is no other function of clitoris rather than sexual pleasure. Usually its about 1/4 to 1/5 inches in size. Woman must got orgasm by stimulation of clitoris. After sexual arousal it becomes very sensitive and woman doesnot like to touch it because sometimes it is painful for her.  

Female Erogenous Zones | Sexually Sensitive Parts Of Woman

Erogenous Zones | Sexually Sensitive Parts Of Woman

In common with, the whole body of man and woman is sexually sensitive.


Experts consider clitoris, the most sensitive part of woman's body. However; there are some women whose vagina is more sensitive than clitoris. Clitoris is situated on the upper part of vulva at the junction of two inner lips. It is just like pea seed or buff head of hen. Its size is about 1/5th or 1/4th of an inch. However; it may vary in size from one to another. It can be seen easily by separating the legs of woman away or apart. In order to visualize it fully make hood aside. A woman will definitely obtain orgasm via stimulating clitoris.

It erects during sexual stimulation, however; at sexual pleasure and after orgasm it shrinks back. Its only function is to provide sexual pleasure to a woman. Since it is situated 2.5 inches away from vagina, therefore; in usual cases, penis does not touch it while intercourse. It has to be stimulated via finger during foreplay or intercourse. After attaining orgasm by woman, it becomes much sensitive and then woman dislikes touching it more. The upper portion of clitoris is more sensitive as compared to its sides.

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