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Sex Positions In Islam | Missionary Position  

There is a misconception about the missionary method of intercourse that it is the islamic method of intercourse. There is no particular method of sex which is called islamic method. The only restriction in islam is not to do sex activity in anus.

Sex Positions In Islam | Missionary Position

Sex Positions In Islam | Missionary Position

Some Muslim writers have declared missionary method (man top on woman) as natural and Islamic. They take the reference from this verse of Quran, "So when he covers her, she bears a light burden and passes by with it" (Al-A'raaf-189). However neither method is natural nor Islamic. In this context, there is an obvious signal in Quran.
"Your women are tillage for you; so go to your tillage as you will, and forward for yourselves; and fear God and know that you shall be meeting Him" (Al-Baqara 223).

Similarly, Hazrat Abdullah Bin Abbas R.A. narrated that at one day; Hazrat Umar Bin Khattab R.A. came to Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH and said, "Oh Messenger of Allah! I've destroyed myself! Allah's Messenger PBUH asked: What cause you to say this? Umar R.A.  Replied: I've changed the method of my intercourse tonight. (i.e., he approached his wife from the back, but in the proper place). Allah's Messenger PBUH did not comment on the issue (as he doesn't have any jurisdiction to say). Allah then revealed to His Messenger PBUH, on the spot, the above verse in Sura al-Baqara (223):

In another hadith, Hazrat Jabir R.A. has said that according to the Jews if husband uses to do intercourse from back side in to the vagina then he may have a squint baby. However; Allah has ordered clearly in Quran that "Your women are tillage for you; so go to your tillage as you will" (Muslim).

Mother of Muslims Hazrat Hafsa R.A. has narrated that a women complained her about her husband that he used to do intercourse with her from side. Hazrat Hafsa R.A. has enquired about this matter form Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH. He replied that, "There is no harm in doing intercourse like this if the intercourse is being done at the same place (Vagina)" (Masnad Imam Abu Hanifa).

The above Ahadiths reveals that at the time of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH, there are many ways for intercourse were being practiced in Madina.

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