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 Some Good And Funny Habits Of Pakistani People

I Am Not Fit For Marriage: Please Help Me ?

 mara name Irfan hy aur mare shadi 3 month bad hy magar my shadi ky kabil nahi hu apni zendghi apny hato sy khatm ke hy please Doctor shab muje kuch batye my kis tara phaly wali zendgi per wapas... . .

Moderator  H/dr_Qasim   psychdoc    1
Post: 10
view: 37790
kool_cool Tuesday, 19th January 2010, 7:45am
by bebo

Unbalanced Testicles: Is That Produce Problem After Marriage?

andkosh chota bada hone se marriage life mein koi problem to nahi hoti ... . .

Moderator  H/dr_Qasim   psychdoc    1
Post: 4
view: 40180
junaids143 Tuesday, 19th January 2010, 5:17am
by junaids143

Wedding Night In Islam: What Is The Dua And Prayer Of Wedding Night?

Asalaam-o-kom muj ko shahdi ke fist night ka mahlom kar nah hy k fist night me jo dua or namaz per teh ho wo kis thrah per teh hy or dua kon se hy yah namaz dono sat sat per teh hy ky thanks ... . .

Moderator  psychdoc   waterr    1
Post: 3
view: 49234
umairkhan8 Monday, 18th January 2010, 6:39pm
by Waterr

Foreplay For Men: Why Do I Get Backache With Precum Drops?

Dear Dr. Sahab Salam, My wife is pregnant so i avoid sex as she complains of pain. But she forplays me to satify. With this act i discharge transprent fluid. Normally we do this every days but ... . .

Moderator  psychdoc   H/dr_Qasim    1
Post: 2
view: 38273
saarwar Monday, 18th January 2010, 6:12pm
by Veer

Vaginal Discharge During Sex - Vaginal Discharge During Intercourse

salam evrybody mera ye swl he ke sex ke doran jo white thik liqiud sa niklta he uska ye matlab hota he ke ab aorat ...Edit Slang Word of Discharge... hoi he or dosra ye swal he ke kia menses aye se pe... . .

Moderator  psychdoc   waterr    1
Post: 2
view: 37180
pprinces43 Monday, 18th January 2010, 6:00pm
by Veer

Can I Do Sexual Talks With Fiancee: Is It Allowed In Islam?

Hi..there is a question running in my mind since few months..I am an engaged person and i used to talk with my fiancee on phone and both do such things for sexual pleasure and for our desires.We have... . .

Moderator  Diplomate   myrizvi    1
Post: 6
view: 42389
fghori Monday, 18th January 2010, 3:55am
by myrizvi

Pain In Testicles: What is Reason?

Aslam o Alaikum.Dr. Sb i hope k aap Allah k Fazal say theek hon gay. Dr. Sab mai nai kuch din pehley aik thread likhi the testicals ki pain k barey mai. Alhamdolilah wo pain aor har tarah ka masla th... . .

Moderator  H/dr_Qasim   psychdoc    1
Post: 5
view: 43256
jaadu Sunday, 17th January 2010, 9:48pm
by Veer

Sex Positions In Islam: Sex From Back Side In Islam

Dear Dr. Salam valikum. I am a  married person. my wife is pregnant, she doesn\'t feel of having sex. So when ever i get sexually aroused i used to intercourse in her&n... . .

Moderator  Diplomate   myrizvi    1
Post: 3
view: 77834
saarwar Sunday, 17th January 2010, 4:14pm
by Doctor K K

Pain In Lower Abdomen: Please Help

ASSLAMO ALYKUMim renna again. just want to know why do i get main in my lower body area like lower back and under my belly. is that sign of egg relased? should me and my husband have sex for baby duri... . .

Moderator  waterr   psychdoc    1
Post: 8
view: 38648
renna Sunday, 17th January 2010, 12:52pm
by renna

Body Weakness Causes - Body Weakness Treatment

dear doctor                my name is zeeshan im from peshawar .jub mere umar 14 saal thi tab se maine handpractice karna shuru... . .

Moderator  H/dr_Qasim   psychdoc    1
Post: 3
view: 39230
zeeshan123 Sunday, 17th January 2010, 11:43pm
by Veer

Testis,Semen & Office work

Testis/Semen & Office work A-O-A! jisa k is fourm k zarye hum ko kafi information hoi hain. aur sathi bohat tawan b kar rahay hain. I am very thankful to all of you. Yahan mera aik Question hai k ... . .

Moderator  psychdoc   waterr    1
Post: 5
view: 37338
Mr_riz1 Sunday, 17th January 2010, 8:53am
by Doctor K K

Menstrual Cycle - Does Other Mammals Menstruate?

I want to know whether menses also occur in other frmale mammals such as cats, dogs etc. or its only occured in humans? ... . .

Moderator  psychdoc   waterr    1
Post: 3
view: 37021
rite157 Sunday, 17th January 2010, 8:42am
by Doctor K K

Chest Pain During Pregnancy - Is That Normal?

Kia yeh shai hay k pregnancy k start main chest main b pain hota hay??? ... . .

Moderator  psychdoc   waterr    1
Post: 2
view: 37699
simmonash Sunday, 17th January 2010, 7:46am
by Doctor K K

Lump In Breast - Unequal Nipples - Is That Signs Of Cancer?

dear doctor,meri age 17 yrs hai aur meri aur meri pregnancy ko 7th month chal raha hai.shadi say ab tak meray breast k size increase hoa hai, meray dono breasts may glands (ghutli) hain, meray husban... . .

Moderator  waterr   psychdoc    1
Post: 10
view: 42208
bint Sunday, 17th January 2010, 1:50am
by Waterr

Why Some People Unable To Do Sex With Wife

salam to all.mara sawal ha ka mustzani to sahat ka lahi nakhsan da nahi ha .yo kuch loag go apni bavhi sa intercourse nahi kar sakhta us ki kha waja ha ... . .

Moderator  psychdoc   waterr    1
Post: 5
view: 37034
fahim Saturday, 16th January 2010, 10:58am
by dostqta

How Much Should The Penis Size To Hit The Hymen?

salam sawal yey hey k (M) ka zikar kitna lamba hona chaiyey jo wo (F) k pardey ko hit kar sakta hyy kia 5inch bohat hota hey motaie mein b 5 hey meraa How much the size of penis is required to hit... . .

Moderator  psychdoc   waterr    1
Post: 8
view: 38093
Tehseen Saturday, 16th January 2010, 10:51am
by dostqta

Size Of Penis: Is Three Inch Normal?

main ye poochna chahta hoon ke 3\' inch is normal ... . .

Moderator  psychdoc   waterr    1
Post: 9
view: 37220
asad123 Saturday, 16th January 2010, 10:43am
by dostqta

Intercourse During Menses - Pregnancy Via Intercourse During Menses

Salam to All, kiya during menses intercouse karnay say aurat pregnant ho sakti hy? halanka yi sakht gunnah hy, par mi sirf janna chahta ho, plz reply me. ... . .

Moderator  psychdoc   waterr    1
Post: 2
view: 37152
Jan2412 Saturday, 16th January 2010, 7:57am
by Waterr

Intercourse In Islam - Seeing Private Parts Of Woman

I had read in an islamic book that husband should not look into/at the vagina of his wife cz this is Behayaee and the offsprings born may be blind due to this. in that book a hadith was quoted by Hazr... . .

Moderator  psychdoc   waterr    1
Post: 3
view: 61112
attractive Friday, 15th January 2010, 2:44pm
by Doctor K K

Short Height Wife(Women Girl)- Problem in Sex Satisfaction?

AOA...i really need help here...i wanna ask this problem that is related to height...Im 5.7 tall while my fiance height is afraid of sexual relationship after marriage because of her short ... . .

Moderator  psychdoc   waterr    1
Post: 3
view: 65310
khalidr Friday, 15th January 2010, 2:15pm
by Doctor K K
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