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Kam Ki Batain
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Kam Ki Batain

Medical Discussion
Aag Group: Moderators  Joined: 21st Nov, 2007  Topic: 22  Post: 1130  Age:  39  
Posted on:24th Nov 2007, 8:02pm

Kam ki batain

A traveler once came to the mosque to see the prophet (saw). After greeting
the prophet (saw) he was asked where he was from. The traveler replied that
he came from very far just to get a few questions answered. Following is the
dialogue between the traveler and the prophet (saw).

01. Traveler: I do not want azaab to be written in my account.
Prophet (saw): Behave well with your parents
02. Traveler: I want to be known amongst people as an intelligent person.
Prophet (saw): Fear Allah always.
03. Traveler: I want to be counted amongst Allah's favorites.
Prophet (saw): Recite Quran every morning and evening.
04. Traveler: I want my heart to always be enlightened. (Roshan and Munawer)
Prophet (saw): Never forget death
05. Traveler: I never want to be away from Allah's blessing.
Prophet (saw): Always treat fellow creatures well.
06. Traveler: I never want to be harmed by my enemies.
Prophet (saw): Always keep faith in only Allah.
07. Traveler: I never want to be humiliated.
Prophet (saw): Be careful of your actions.
08. Traveler: I wish to live long.
Prophet (saw): Always do sila e rahm. (Goodness towards blood
09. Traveler: I want my sustenance to increase.
Prophet (saw): Always be in wudhoo.
10. Traveler: I wish to stay free of adhaab in the grave.
Prophet (saw): Always wear pure (paak) clothes.
11. Traveler: how do I get my sins forgiven?
Prophet (saw): Always ask forgiveness from Allah with a lot of
12. Traveler: I want people to respect me always.
Prophet (saw): Never extend your hands of need at people.
13. Traveler: I want to always be honored.
Prophet (saw): Never humiliate or put down anyone.
14. Traveler: I never want to burn in hell.
Prophet (saw): Control your eyes and tongue.
15. Traveler: I don't want to be squeezed by fishare qabr. (squeezing in the
Prophet (saw): Recite sura e Mulk often.
16. Traveler: I want my wealth to increase.
Prophet (saw): Recite sura e waqia every night.
17. Traveler: I want to be safe and at peace on day of judgment.
Prophet (saw): Do zikr of Allah from dusk to night.
18. Traveler: I want to be in full attention and concentration during
Prophet (saw): Always do wudhoo with concentration and attention.

josh Group: Members  Joined: 30th Jul, 2007  Topic: 47  Post: 2282  Age:  41  
Posted on:25th Nov 2007, 8:09am

really these are kaam ki batain!

very nice batain.. sab ko koshish karni chahiye k in tamam baton par amal karain, agar mushkil hai to in mai say kuch baton par zaroor amal karain.

agar ahadees ka reference bi add kar dia karain to ziada acha hota hai.
or jaisay apnay namaaz word use kia hai , mera khayal hai k mosque ki bajaey masjid kehna ziada behtar hai...

farrab Group: Members  Joined: 22nd Nov, 2007  Topic: 1  Post: 20  Age:  34  
Posted on:25th Nov 2007, 9:26am


keep it up yar

tum nain tu realy main agg laga di.i like your kam ki batain

Aag Group: Moderators  Joined: 21st Nov, 2007  Topic: 22  Post: 1130  Age:  39  
Posted on:25th Nov 2007, 6:40pm


Thanks budies,

Josh: ainda enchezon ka khayal rakhonga,

bohot acha lagta hai agar koi ghalat bat ko sahi karai meri. mujhai bilkul bhi bura nahi lagta hai.

zeb Group: Members  Joined: 18th Aug, 2007  Topic: 114  Post: 13598  Age:  37  
Posted on:28th Nov 2007, 6:03am

nice one

very nice Aag

its really very very nice

BeautyStar Group: Members  Joined: 16th May, 2007  Topic: 52  Post: 3584  Age:  31  
Posted on:1st Dec 2007, 1:48pm

Really Kaam Ki Baatein

Good Posting by AAG ... its really Kaam ki Baatein but more impotantly we have to make it practical ... right !
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