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How To Minimize Difficulty In Reaching To The Climax By Women (Wife)?

This is not necessary that a women or wife would reach to the climax always. Wife and women give regard to love, romance and closeness as well. Reaching to the climax by women or wife in every sexual activity is essential but not necessary.
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My friend's age is 40 years and his wife is 36 years old. They got married 15 years back. According to my friend it happens many times that my wife doesn't reach up to climax or orgasm. However; their sexual life is satisfactory and they are spending happy and pleasant marital life. I am fond of enquiring that whether this is true about that he claims? 


The sexual intercourse is an individual property. Up till the enthusiasm, love and romance is included in the sexual activity then a wife would get the satisfaction easily from it and she find ease in reaching to the climax. This is not necessary that she would attain or the climax always and therefore her reaching to the climax in every intercourse is not required. It could be possible that she is getting pleasure during love and harmony with his husband. If a woman would get a husband whose personality and behavior is harmonic with her then they would really spend happy and pleasant marital life. All of these things depend upon circumstances.

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