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Is There Any Relation Of Consistency Of Seminal Fluid (Semen) And Infertility?

The quantity and consistency of seminal fluid (semen) does not impact on the erection of penis, not after vasectomy the property of erection and sexual ability is lost in a man.
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I am too much worried, since the consistency of  my  seminal fluid (semen) is very thin and watery. According to my friend, those who have thin consistency of semen seminal fluid (semen) do have less sexual activity and the person would be devoid of offspring. What should I do? I am 20 years old unmarried young man. 


There are two components of  seminal fluid (semen), i.e. sperms cells and the material in that they swim forward. The sperms cells are produced in side the testes, while the material is secreted from the gland. The average amount of seminal fluid (semen) per ejaculate in a healthy young man is 2-4 ml and that possess 40-200 millions sperms cells. Although, this quantity differs from one individual to the other and it may vary in quantity at different occasions in a single individual. 

The quantity and consistency of  seminal fluid (semen) does not impact on the erection of penis, not after vasectomy the property of erection and sexual ability is lost in a man. In reality, these types of individuals possess full sexual power. In actual, pregnancy could not happen if sperm cells are less in the seminal fluid (semen). In spite of that a single sperms is capable to fertilize an ovum. Millions of sperms emit in a single ejaculate. Why does it happen? This is one of the hidden questions to be answered by the Nature.

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