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Solution Of Erection Problem - Treatment To Enhance Sexual Performance

Sexual Performance and erection is a natural phenomenon. Any body could have problems in sexual performance and erection at some times in the life. If morning erection and sleep erection is present th
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My age is 42 years and we got married 15 years back. Since 2 years, I am not getting proper erection. The complex and worrying matter is that my wife now has started to complain. It seems she is in doubt that I am after other women beside her. Although I find normal erection when I awake in the morning, however; when I get ready for sexual intercourse then I feel that my all power of erection has gone. What should I do in this regard? 


Sexual performance during intercourse could be variable at different times. This is reality that you get normal erection at morning and this is the clear sign that if you are not getting erection at other times then this could not be due to organic cause. The sexual power of a man is destroyed not more by other things except by the criticism of his wife in truth. 

Whenever you perform sexual intercourse then do it with enthusiasm and concentration. Neither get affection due to your failure not take care of her criticism. Satisfy your wife with respect of other women that you are not involved in them. Also ask her to participate in love making activity enthusiastically. 

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