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How Could Perform Sex (Foreplay And Intercourse) With Wife In Brightness?

Doing Sex, intercourse or foreplay during brightness or darkness depends upon mutual understanding. Modesty wants to hide her nakedness in the cloths of darkness. You should not insist on that.
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We recently got married. I want to have love with my wife at night in the presence of light, but she doesn't give permission for that. Also she doesn't agree with it in the day. I don't want that "husband would give orders and wife will follow". Since in this case she would take part in the sexual activity under pressure and the pleasure would not be achieved. 


I congratulate you on your broad mindedness and right thinking. On the other side, modesty wants to hide her nakedness in the cloths of darkness. You should not insist on that. She would open her in the light during night, however; give her suasiveness with softness for that and then prepare her first at the time of sunrise for love making activity. After attaining these stages, prepare her bit by bit for love and intercourse on the day time. Day time love making is appropriate for newly married couples so that both of the individuals with natural appreciation would become able to see the body of each other fully, and will become able to understand as well.

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  Prof Arshad Javed Hypnotist and Clinical Psychologist  

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