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Frigidity In Women - My Wife Doesn't Take Interest In Intercourse

Frigidity In women could also happen if intercourse and sexual activity is performed with a same style and positions. A couple should keep on changing the styles and ways of sexual activity to keep interest in them for sexual activity.
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I have got married two years back. I and my wife live with my parents, brother and sister according to the combined family system. I don't have any complaint with my wife except she avoid to have sexual intercourse with me and give excuses that she is busy in house hold chores or tiredness whenever I call her for sexual activity. It happens very few times that I become able to convince her for this purpose.  What should I do in this regard? 


Sex in an immense emotional and personal matter and it has different styles. Mood could not always remains at same level. Ego faces danger most of the time, therefore; it is not astonishing if the individuals of most suited couples would start to move on different ways. This thing could happen in usual circumstances as well. Now think about your wife who according to a combined family system remains busy through out the day in doing house hold chores. Could she maintain her mood according to her will? Wouldn't she become frigid and loss the interest in sexual activity?

In order to make her mood high you should try to motivate her directly or indirectly, like for instance; the indirect suggestion is that "we would meet together" or any other type of romantic signs. You should choose and apply those signals that are for sexual interest could be accepted apparently. These signals would not only be limited up till the marital affairs but also provide the chances for having love and romance. 

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