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Frigidity In Women: Lack Of Sexual Interest In Sexual Activity

Frigidity is a sexual interest arousal disorder in which a women doesn't take interest in sexual activity with her husband. Frigidity has different reasons and if a women doesn't take interest in sexual activity then the causes of this frigidity should
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I am an educated person and I have studied a lot of books on sexuality. Three years have passed away since my marriage and I have a son as well. My problem is that my wife shows frigidity during the sexual and love making activity. I try as much as possible to provide her pleasure but she remains cool like ice slab. What should I do? 


This condition is called as Frigidity. No woman is frigid at conscious level. Women has the same ability to have generation of sexual stimuli as like as a man. 

Frigidity is not a deficiency of certain thing in the body. However this is the condition that produces the hurdle, disability or compulsiveness and inability to attain sexual pleasure. If a woman rightly or wrongly would feel that her husband doesn't love or respect her and consider her a minor thing of the house or he would not behave her faithfully then a woman may develop frigidity due to this reason. In this way she would take revenge or give punishment to her husband directly since the part of the world where we are living, husband is considered mostly the sponsor or supporter of his wife and she gets all of her social status and place due to the reference of her husband. As far as your problem is concerned, you should try with honesty in order to find out the cause and try to get rid of the cause with extreme sincerity. 

If any unpleasant event happened in the past, then do efforts so that she would forget that event. Give her surety for pleasant future. Your sincere efforts would try to resolve her all problems. Special psychological treatment would also be helpful in this regard.

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