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Frigidity In Women: Why I Don't Take Interest In Sexual Activity

Frigidity in women is due to several reasons. It could not be hereditary and due to circumstances. In sexual relations if frigidity happens then one has to find out the causes and resolve it accordingly.
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My problem is such that majority of the people would not rely on it. Even there is no one who could give advice to me in this regard. I have got married 4 years back. I have two kids, one is two years old and the other one is six months old. My problem is that I don't get any pleasure during sexual intercourse with my husband and I can't reach to the orgasm in these types of sexual contacts. Although I have been hating the sexual relations but due to husband I have to bear it. Would you give any advice to me in this regard due to that for me this sexual contact would become pleasurable or at least become satisfactory? 


This seems to be the matter of frigidity which is found more in women as compared to man. The main reason of it has not been discovered till so far and for sure, it could not be said that it is either due to heredity or happens due to circumstances. The lack of sexual knowledge and not having experiences could also be the reason of frigidity

You should inform your husband about those methods which provides pleasure sexually. You should also inform him about the sensitive spots of your body. Freely and open-hearted conversation with your husband would also be fruitful for you. On the contrary, modesty in this matter would provide pain to you in this matter.

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