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Does Hand Practice Or Masturbation Produce Sexual Weakness?

There are no disadvantages of masturbation and this is just a misapprehension that masturbation (hand practice) would create sexual weakness. According to the latest researches, the self-satisfaction or masturbation (hand practice) is a natural way to get rid of sexual tension.
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My age is 25 years and I am married. Since last six years, I am feeling myself sexually weak. In my opinion, this problem is due to my masturbation (hand practice) habit. I had been involved in  hand practice up till 5 years. As my one of my friends who is unmarried also involved in thand practice and feeling weak like me sexually. He says that his erection power is declining day by day. How can we get rid of from this problem? 


This is just a misapprehension that masturbation (hand practice) would create sexual weakness. According to the latest researches, the self-satisfaction or masturbation (hand practice) is a natural way to get rid of sexual tension. Curses have been sent on hand practice in almost every era and every society. In spite of the curses, not only humans but also animals are not saved from it. 

At present, it is thought that masturbation (hand practice) not only for un-married men but also for those married men is useful who are unable to have ejaculation via usual sexual method. It could also be helpful in limiting or declining the sexual crimes that could be intensified due to not ejecting the reserved energy in side the body. According to many observations and statistics, about 90% of men and 70% of women up to the age of 25 years are involved in masturbation (hand practice). 

According to the medical experts, masturbation (hand practice) would neither be harmful with respect of physical, sexual or mental aspects. The only harm that happens due to masturbation would only be due to anxiety or sense of guilt.

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  Prof Arshad Javed Hypnotist and Clinical Psychologist  

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