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Does Hand Practice (Masturbation) Produce Physical And Sexual Weakness?

Masturbation (Hand Practice) is common in our society. People use to do it in different ways, like by their hands, by rubbing their genitals etc. Till so far no disadvantages, physical and sexual weakness had been proven by doing masturbation.
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I am a 20 years old young man. I have ruined my life with my own hands. Now I do not understand what I should do. Three years back, I was with my two friends on a bike. I was sitting in the middle of both of them, when the bike was passing through on the rough road; I had felt some thing in my pelvis. That feeling was very strange and I was ejaculated spontaneously at that time. I have embarrassed when I have talked this problem with my friends, they started to make fun on me, but when they have experienced the same thing, and they had to face the similar problem like me. 

Now I am feeling the bad impacts. I am experiencing body and sexual weakness. Some times back, I have left that habit, but it was useless to cry over spilt milk. I am too much worried please guide me in this regard. 


You and your friends are involved in a form of common masturbation (hand practice) due to traveling on a bike over the rough road, the friction in genitals generated too high sexual stimulation, and the sexual desire reached up to that level that you have experienced ejaculation. Some of the people are there who experienced same problem while riding over the horse or camel. 

You have shown much discreetness by leaving this habit. This habit not only generates unnecessary mechanical stimulation but also creates psychological problems as well. 

Now you should forget your past and re-continue the healthy attitude of life. All things will become normal with the passage of time.

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