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Whether Hand Practice (Masturbation) Is Harmful For Health Or Not?

This is a misconception that hand practice produces harmful effects on the body and mind of an individual. This misconception is coming from ancient times and still persisting in society.
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I have read at somewhere that masturbation (hand practice) is not so much harmful as it is considered. In addition, this is not an unusual thing in animals. What is the truth? 


Masturbation is a voluntary sexual stimulation in that ejaculation is achieved in order to have sexual satisfaction by other means beside sexual intercourse. It is said that this term is derived from Latin word MASU or MANIS and TURBOSE, which means manual manipulation, or it is derived from masturbation that means making oneself impure. 

According to latest research, the thing which produces harmful effects are the feelings for crime or sin, however; this is a misconception that there are any harmful effects of masturbation (hand practice). 

This misconception strikes over the minds of young men and women that masturbation (hand practice) gives birth the physical and mental illnesses. The people get extreme sense of crime and sin. Although this thing is also true that, there would hardly a single person in this world who has had never attempted masturbation (hand practice) by any means. 

When the common sexual activities would not be possible then both the wild and pet animals use to perform masturbation (hand practice).

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