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Difference Between Hypomenorrhea And Normal Menses

In medical terminology, Hypomenorrhea is used to refer the periods having less blood flow.Hypomenorrhea is considered normal on account of their genetic predisposition, pregnancy, etc. There are a lot of physical and psychological causes of Hypomenorrhea. Treatment Depends upon the severity and cause of the disease.
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Due to less blood in menses, usually doctors advise for hormonal therapy. Would you please tell me the name of medicines containing hormones? I dwell in a village and therefore it is difficult to take opinion by a specialist doctor. I can purchase the medicine by its brand name. 


What Is Hypomenorrhea:

Well sister, I can't tell you the names of such medicines since the problem of yours needs full evaluation via examination and investigations. Going into the details let me first discuss about your problem of having scanty menses. By the definition, it is the less blood flow or the duration of menses less than two days. In medical terminology, Hypomenorrhea is used to refer the periods having less blood flow.

Hypomenorrhea: What Are The Causes Of Hypomenorrhea:

Now come over the causes of Hypomenorrhea. In some women, Hypomenorrhea is considered normal on account of their genetic predisposition, pregnancy, etc. Further, there are certain hormonal factors responsible for this condition. At the beginning of menses (Menarche) or at the menopause (end of reproductive era), these irregularities and as such Hypomenorrhea is extremely a common thing. Hypomenorrhea happens due to irregular ovulation and malfunctioning of uterine surface (endometrial lining). Ovulation problems due to malfunctioning of thyroid hormones, high levels of prolactin, insulin, androgens like testosterone could also generate Hypomenorrhea. Scanty menses or Hypomenorrhea could also happen due to using birth controlling pills and certain other disease of that discussion is beyond the scope of present description. 

Factors For Hypomenorrhea And Normal Menses:

Normal blood flow during menses also depends upon the normal growth of uterus. If uterine line is malformed then the scanty menses or Hypomenorrhea could happen. Different emotional factors like stress, anxiety, depression, mental tension are also the known culprits of this problem. Exercise, extreme dieting etc could also be blamed for Hypomenorrhea. 

Hypomenorrhea: Diagnostic Tests And Investigations:

After discussing the causes of scanty menses of Hypomenorrhea, the next thing is the discussion over tests. Mostly blood tests are advised in order to find the causes of Hypomenorrhea. Mainly these blood tests are indicated in order to know about the hormonal deficiencies like FSH, TSH, LH, Estrogen, Progesterone, Androgens, and Insulin etc. In Polycystic Ovarian Disease (one of the cause of scanty menses), there would be high level of insulin and Androgens. Ultrasonograpy comes next in order to see the lining of Uterus, Follicular development, ovaries' growth etc. D&C, MRI or Endometrial biopsy is done in extreme cases where other factors can't be isolated. 

Hypomenorrhea: Solution And Treatment

As for as treatment of Hypomenorrhea is concerned, it depends upon the cause. Not in every case, hormones can be given. Also the hormonal therapy is a specific type of treatment that can only be started under doctor's observation and advice. You have to get thorough check up by the doctor and investigations and tests etc. The doctor would suggest treatment after seeing its report. By self and without proper analysis, taking hormones could be dangerous.

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