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Why Foreplay Is Important Before Intercourse For Sexual Arousal Of A Women?

Foreplay should be done with women before intercourse for proper sexual arousal. With the help of foreplay women get orgasm earlier and easily. Foreplay before intercourse has importance and significance in love making activity.
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There is disharmony between me and my wife. During sexual intercourse I reach to the climax far early. I take hardly two minutes, however; she is left behind. What should be done in this context? 


The time period of sexual intercourse in different individual or in a single individual at different times keep on changing. It depends upon different things. For instance; regularity in doing intercourse, tiredness, anxiety and mental tension, environment etc. On the basis of different experiments, it has been accepted the average time after penetration and sexual process is about 2 minutes. Perhaps in your case, it is required by you to prolong the time of foreplay before actual intercourse. Foreplay has importance in sexual activity and the wife should be made prepared for sexual intercourse by love and foreplay. According to an Arabic saying, "A lovely kiss is much better than fast intercourse". 

Different types of activities in foreplay are required to bring the wife quickly to the orgasm. Many women are aroused by kissing and gentle clapping over the different regions of her body. They are brought in stimulation by pressing the breasts, sucking the ear lobes and by biting the posterior part of their neck with the teeth. However; there are few who could be stimulated by just sucking their breasts nipples and boshing their clitoris. Every husband must know about the sensitive and arousing body parts of his wife, and these should be used accordingly.

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