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Is There Any Relation Between Infertility And Irregular Menses?

The proper medical checkup could be the only solution of the problem. Treatment could be offered after the diagnosis.
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Question No:

I am 29 years old and got married one year back. My husband has been so much worried since I am not getting pregnant. I receive his worries as well and also become worried as reaction. We have also shown ourselves to the doctor and according to the doctor every thing is fine. But there is one thing; my menses some times come after 30 and some times after 40 days. Is that thing to worry about? 


You are too young right now, therefore; you should not be worried in this regard. I suggest that you and your husband should have proper medical checkup. You should get all tests like endometrial biopsy, tube testing and blood tests etc. Also get semen analysis of your husband done. Proper treatment could be started after knowing the cause of the problem and then you would become mother.

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