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Is That Possible That A Men Is Infertile In Spite Of Having Good Health?

A man could have infertility and inability to produce offspring in spite of good health. The inability to produce offspring is independent of physical power and health.
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Is that possible that a man in spite of good health he remains unable to produce offspring? One of my friends has got height of 5 feet 11 inches and he has massive body. Doctors have told him that due to the absence of sperms in his semen, he is unable to produce offspring? 


For having pregnancy both of the husband and wife are required to be fit physically. As like a woman who could have some problems that might produce hurdle in making her pregnant, similarly a man could have problems that would leads toward infertility and inability to produce offspring. This fault either could be congenital or due to some injury or disease. These problems could neither produce any bad impact over the health of an individual nor it has any connection with body nourishment and development. 

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