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Intercourse Problems In Men Causes - Sexual Weakness In Males Treatment

There could be three reasons for not doing complete intercourse after marriage. 1. Physical weakness 2. Irregularities 3. Emotional stress or unawareness related problems
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My friend's age is 24 years and he has got married last month, however; he is still unable to proceed for intercourse. We have taken advice from many herb-doctors and Allopathic doctors but no useful result has been obtained till so far. He has become too much disheartened since he has not been able to perform sexual activity and he gets embarrassment to face his wife. Although he is absolutely healthy and possess a high post in an organization. Before marriage he has been getting normal erection but now the condition is that he loses his erection completely when he approaches to his wife. Fortunately, this is their love marriage and his wife didn't discuss any thing about his illness in front of any one. She is bearing all of this with extreme courage and silence, however; some times she could become over hearted. How is that possible that a normal and healthy person would not be able to perform intercourse? 


Your friend's condition is liable for sympathy according to the traditions of our society, however; this is not a unique incidence. There could be three reasons for not doing complete intercourse after marriage. 

1.      Physical weakness

2.      Irregularities

3.      Emotional stress or unawareness related problems 

Followings are the three events that have been published in the news papers. 

1.      At one occasion, intercourse could not be done up to three months. The couple has reached at the door of divorce. After physical examination it was revealed that the hymen of the wife was unusually thickened and stronger. Her hymen had been breached with the help of surgery and then the marital life that had been ruined seriously started to run smoothly and safely.

2.      In that incidence, that come on number second, a husband was enough sexually sensitive that he had been ejaculating promptly just after touching his wife.

3.      At the third incidence, the intercourse had not been done un till three years, wife herself accepted that she liked to have kissing and bussing but she gets a lot of fright even with the name of intercourse and she thinks the intercourse is a bad activity. 

At another occasion, husband due to unawareness didn't able to proceed for intercourse fully up till two years, although they had been doing the love making activity only superficially up till that time. 

Your friend should not take this problem as the matter of his optimacy and never try for forceful intercourse or penetration. On the contrary, he should take it softly and ask his wife to participate practically. He should spray some fragrance at night in the room, take some anxiolytics and make his penis lubricated before intercourse. He should acquire such a position in that penetration would become easier. The direction of penis should be decided by wife with her hands. Even during penetration and intercourse if husband would lose the erection then he must keep on continuing the pressure and strokes, since the erection could be regained by friction. If husband would attain orgasm even before penetration then he should re-start the love making activity after taking rest for 2 hours.

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