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Does Menopause Develop Lack Of Sexual Desire?

Menopause is the sign of the end of reproductive age and it is not the end or lack of her sexual desire.
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My age is 48 years and my menses became irregular. My husband performs frequent intercourse and expects the high level enthusiasm from me as well. Till so far, I have been fulfilling his desires but now I am afraid that perhaps I would not be able to fulfill his desires when my menses would be stopped and then I will be deprived of from the love of my husband due to the lack of sexual desire after menopause. 


You are in absolute misapprehension and unaware about the sexuality of a woman. Menopause is the sign of the end of reproductive age and it is not the end or lack of her sexual desire. It is right that after menopause, the uterus of a woman shrinks remarkably and the ovary becomes inactive to perform. However; in spite of that she would take part in intercourse continuously without having lack of sexual desire and also would get orgasm as like before. Remember that due to menopause since the chances of pregnancy become nullified, the intercourse would become more pleasant and the sexual desire increases in spite of decreasing in a men and women. 

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