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What Are The Reasons Of Lack Of Sexual Interest?

Sexual interest arousal disorder is a lack of sexual interest and it possesses a lot of reasons. Main reasons includes similarity in procedure of sexual activity, same styles and positions and same methods of arousal.
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I have got married 12 years back, however; since few days I don't feel any enthusiasm and attraction in the sexual contact with my wife and I don't get sexual arousal. I love my wife very much and live pleasantly and happily. I don't have interest in other women as well. However; our sexual relations are going to become unpleasant day by day. Why it is happening so and what are the reasons of this lack of interest in sexual activity? 


Once the innovation and excitement of the initial period after marriage is over, the result of many marriages would end in unsatisfaction. The constant, similar and traditional way is the main reasons of this problem. 

Dr. Donald Bernaip says, "The time passes after first to second year and so on, but the wife uses to wear same dresses. Her husband takes her kiss in the similar manner. They use to talk on the same matter. In this way there is nothing astonishing if they start to loss the interests". Sexual activity in the similar manner is among the main reasons for lack of interest in sexual events and sexual arousal deficits.

A good sexual relation doesn't start in the bed room, however; it is the mandatory part of husband's and wife's interaction which includes signals, words, ways and styles etc all together. In your case, change in environment would be much beneficial if possible. If possible both you and your husband would spend holidays together. You should adopt different ways and methods for foreplay and sexual intercourse in order to avoid the lack of sexual interest. If the meat is cooked in different ways then a person doesn't loss interest in eating it even on the daily basis. For instance Qorma, Koftay, Pasanday, Nihari etc. The basic ingredients although remains same but the difference is that, it is cooked and prepared in different manners. For sexual desire and concupiscence variation is as important as it is for other things.

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