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Why Does My Wife Lack Sexual Pleasure And Excitement During Intercourse?

A couple should perform sexual activity with mutual understanding so that both of them would attain sexual pleasure and excitement. The purpose of sexual activity should not be to give pleasure to any one only.
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My wife tells me that most of the time during our love making activity, she doesn't get tactile (touch) sensations appropriately. Due to this, she doesn't get appropriate pleasure and happiness. Hence she gets orgasm after too much delay. We got married six months back and we are inexperienced and need your guidance. 


Your wife should be congratulated for her frank speech and the confidence she has in you. If every couple would perform the sexual activity in the same manner, then it is better that the things should not happen as the man wants and the woman has to accept it in compulsion. However; a combined curiosity should be there to know about the things which are satisfactory for both of them. In this condition, very few problems would be generated individually or mutually. In your case, till so far, mutual understanding has not attained that is naturally acquired during the initial days after marriage by newly married couple. You have to try different styles during intercourse so that clitoris stimulation could be attained as much as possible.

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