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Why Menses (Periods - Menstruation) Comes Every Month?

Menses or periods (monthly cycle - menstruation) are the apparent signs of the periodic activity of ovaries and uterus in a woman. This period comprises of the first day of menses (monthly cycle - menstruation) till the first day of next menstrual cycle.A theory reveals the strong connection of menses (monthly cycle - menstruation) with pituitary gland.
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What is menses (monthly cycle - menstruation)? Why it does come every month? 


Menses or periods (monthly cycle - menstruation) are the apparent signs of the periodic activity of ovaries and uterus in a woman. After the release of ovum from the respective ovary, if fertilization does not happen with the sperm, then the ovarian hormones like estrogen or progesterone levels decrease. Due to the low levels of these hormones the inner lining of uterus gets separated and discharges in the menses (monthly cycle - menstruation) after becoming pieces. This discharge continuous almost 5 days after every 28 days. This period comprises of the first day of menses (monthly cycle - menstruation) till the first day of next menstrual cycle. No description could be given of this menstrual periods or menses (monthly cycle - menstruation). A theory reveals the strong connection of menses (monthly cycle - menstruation) with pituitary gland. During the middle centuries, 28 days cycle is considered under influence of moon's effects and there are certain evidences for that as the full blown moon increases the sexual activity of lower animals and hence their children are usually born during similar season. 

Menstrual discharge (monthly cycle - menstruation) possesses 50% of menstrual blood and the remaining substance possesses the pieces of the uterine lining. This would be interesting to note that, the menstrual blood doesn't get clotted, since it already clotted first time in the uterus and then it comes out. During pregnancy, menses (monthly cycle - menstruation) stops due to the high levels of hormones. Similarly it doesn't starts during breast feeding as well.

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