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What Is The Minimum And Maximum Age For Pregnancy?

The first pregnancy could happen just after starting menses at the age of 12 -13 years. This is the minimum age for pregnancy. The maximum age for pregnancy would be before menopause and up to the age of 62 years.
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According to some information from the newspapers, girls having ages of eight, 9 and 10 years have given birth the children. Whether a girl could be pregnant during such little ages and she would give birth to a baby? What are the minimum and maximum age for pregnancy?


Girls usually start to get menses at the age of 12-13 years. Initially the menses continues with out ovum, therefore; the pregnancy could not be held at that time. The first pregnancy could happen after one year of the start of menses and it would be the minimum age for pregnancy. However, there are always variations. Dr. Joseph Dailey has told that, "The youngest pregnancy report has been given by the doctors' board, the girl whose age was 8 years and 10 months when she has given birth a child having weight 7.5 pounds weight". On the other side, any woman could not become pregnant at menopause (At cessation of menses) means beyond the maximum age for pregnancy. However, Dailey discussed a case of a woman aged 62 years when she became pregnant and became the mother of 22 children at this age. There is other case of old aged pregnancy (maximum age) that could be found in medical literature. 

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