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How To Post Pond Menses (Periods)?

Menses if happens with pain and coming on some specific occasion then they could be postponed via some medications. In order to post pone menses, a doctor should be consulted.
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I am 19 years old girl and I get extreme pain while menses. Due to the pain that I have experienced at my exams, papers were not gone fine enough. Is that possible to postpone the menses dates during exam in order to avoid pain? 


If it is extremely necessary then, the menses dates could be postponed, however; with in usual circumstances, we don't advice to do that. If there could be doubt to have menses on a specific date then it can be postponed. For that specific treatment can be obtained by meeting with the doctor. Whenever get pain, take painkillers as prescribed by the doctor. Keep your stomach well just before menses. Take light diet, apply hot water bottle on the lower tummy, and divert attention from the pain during menses, as much as possible. Some times due to palpitations, one would have more pain while menses than usual.

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