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Why Does Women Get Pain During Intercourse (Dyspareunia)?

Pain and difficulty during intercourse or painful intercourse experienced by women is called as Dyspareunia, There are a lot of reasons and causes for Dyspareunia. The common reasons are physical, Psychological and infections.
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I got married recently. My wife experiences a lot of pain and difficulty, while sexual intercourse. At many times she started to weep. People get pleasure with sexual activities, however; for us, it has become problem. What are the reasons, causes and treatment of this problem? 


This condition of painful and difficulty in intercourse is called as Dyspareunia. This is a Greek work means pain while intercourse. During this condition, pain develops while penetration, pelvic movements and orgasm. For a woman, the intercourse hence become Herculean, in spite of pleasing and love making activity. there are a lot of reasons and causes of Dyspareunia.

The basic reasons of this problem could be physical, like infections in pelvic and external sexual organs, while the other reason could be psychological as well. When a woman is made scared of intercourse then her fear brings tension in her body. Due to this tension, the intercourse gets difficulty and becomes painful. 

Many of the women develop Dyspareunia just after cessation of menses. Also it could be caused by lack of hormones. The treatment of this condition is done accordingly, physically and psychologically. Among few of the conditions and reasons, this pain could be due to hardness of hymen. First time intercourse is usually painful in which the hymen is separated or ruptured with proportional penetration. However; in rare conditions, it is too thick and un-breakable. Under these circumstances, it would become mandatory that a doctor would dissect the hymen so that husband and wife would become able to perform intercourse. 

In your case it would be better if you lubricate the penis with oil and petroleum jelly and would penetrate the vagina gently in the initial days after marriage. By doing this her tension would be declined and she would get relief. Once the feelings of pain will be over; the pleasure will take the place of fear.

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